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     Headache Relief Alternatives integrative approach combines time tested clinical techniques, advanced FDA

approved technologies, alternative therapies and targeted surgical procedures, including releasing tongue ties to open a blocked airway.

        A Center for Neural Occlusion Therapy and DTR trained practice, Dr. Sprinkle and his team offer specialized care for head and neck pain, TMJ and other chronic facial pain conditions.   Improper dental forces are often the cause of tinnitus, vertigo and other painful symptoms. 


      Trained and certified in dental  sleep medicine and obstructive sleep apnea, Dr. Sprinkle also helps patients  return to healthy and restorative sleep patterns.  

      Experienced in neural therapy, prototherapy and other alternative approaches for treatment of chronic pain and trigeminal neuralgia, Dr. Sprinkle has attracted the attention of colleagues, professionals and patients worldwide. His non-invasive, non-pharmacological techniques have made him a frequent keynote or featured speaker at various seminars and professional events.

      Dr. Sprinkle's primary goal is to go beyond managing his patient's pain and help  them heal, enjoy a pain free life without invasive treatments and medications.


       Headaches Relief Alternatives where relief is a breath a way.



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Your initial visit is our opportunity to meet you, discuss your particular concerns and suggest a personalized treatment strategy.  Our team will outline the specific approaches, technologies and supplements that best fit your personal needs and goals.



The position of the tongue contributes to many functions within the mouth and can result, when incorrectly aligned, in head, neck and facial pain, postural difficulties and other conditions.  Treatments and surgical options are available to reverse and correct these conditions.


The causes of chronic migraines, tension headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, TMJ/TMD, and face, jaw, and neck pain may be interconnected. Unbalanced forces in your mouth affect muscles in all these areas, leading to changes in chemical and nerve reactions leading to chronic pain.  Other  symptoms often result from accidents, head trauma, bad posture, or other underlying conditions.  Annually, 45 million Americans have occassional or recurring incidences of  head pain.  The TruDenta System offers a dental headache treatment strategy that is drug-free, needle-free, pain-free and proven to relieve chronic headache pain.



Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy  was developed by pioneer Dr. Robert Kerstein who combined T-scan computer bite analysis with EMG.  DTR technology  provides a precise measurement of pressure and time on the teeth.  Both factors trigger  the pain center of the brain and create hypermuscle activity, causing head, neck, and facial pain, as well as damage to jaw joints. DTR  provides a simple, comprehensive and conservative treatment strategy that brings complete and lasting results. 


T-scan and EMG technologies are the primary methods used to create a  real-time reproducible picture of each patient's individual bite and muscle activity.  Joint vibration analysis and digital X-rays are also utilized to  effectively screen for TMJ dysfunction and other jaw joint issues.  Treament options range from Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR), to splint therapy, and physical therapy; utilitizng, laser ultrasound, microcurrent, and massage.  Alternatives therapies such as homeopathy, herbs and supplements are also employed as part of the overall treatment strategy.  Pain-reducing agents, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory supplements may also be part of a patient's individual treatment strategy.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common type of sleep dysfunction. It occurs because of a physical blockage involving the collapse of the  soft tissues at the  back of the throat.   Central sleep apnea (CSA) is less common.  Breathing stops when muscles involved in the process do not receive critical signals from the brain.  Some people suffer from "mixed" or "complex" sleep apnea, which is a combination of both the obstructive and central brain signal conditions. Patients are evaluated to determine their individual dysfunction and an tailor-made treatment strategy is developed to correct their condition.
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Your healing, recovery and

wellness is our priority



Your healing, wellness and full recovery are our top priority.  We work together as a  team to help you reach your personal health goals.

Dr. Allen Sprinkle DDS

Dr. Allen Sprinkle is a graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry and a founding member of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Dentistry.  He has decades of continuing education in biological dentistry, chronic head and neck pain, and sleep disordered breathing. He is also involved with  revolutionary TMJ treatment,  Disclosure Time Reduction (DTR) pioneered by Dr. Robert Kerstein.. Because of these cutting edge treatments and procedures, Dr. Sprinkle is trequently in demand as a speaker and is often used as a consultant to members of the dental, chiropractic, and medical communities. Dr. Sprinkle and his wife Sharna, who is an Neonatal Nurse Practitioner at Cook Children's In Fort Worth, live in Fort Worth. Their blended family includes four children, and nine grandchildren,  Dr. Sprinkle is a former board member of Chisholm Challenge, an organization of horse riding therapy centers throughout North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  He enjoy being with his grandkids, snow-skiing, motorcyles, hiking, gold and fly fishing.

Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management

Fellow of the Center for Neural Occlusion

   International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

    American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

    Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

    Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Dentistry

  Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine

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Dr. Sprinkle talks about tongue-ties, mercury free dentistry, no root canals and much more.



"I am pain-free after four years of intermittent bouts of electric-like jolts of lightning to the left side of my face."

"The pain was gone and I could feel a remarkable difference in my breathing. The first night I was able to sleep without the CPAP and woke up feeling great."

"My life changed in three hours. To realize the relief I have experienced you must understand the discomfort I lived with, called Reflex Sympathic Dysthropy (or RSD)"

Martha Sekin

Sharon Wholar

Mary Fox

     Discover why your tongue plays such an important part in your overall health.  Check out this article by Daniel Lopez, D.O.  Follow the link below.


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     Other than the tongue-tie surgery, this procedure is revolutionary.   The article below is a must read.  It is

available in English and Spanish.




      Jarrod is a sixteen year old young man.   When I first met him, he had been experiencing chronic head and neck pain, as well as scoliosis. A look inside his mouth confirmed what I thought -- he had a tongue tie. After several months of myofunctional therapy to strengthen his tongue, we scheduled his tongue-tie release surgery. Following a short period of recovery, we performed a second surgery to release his lower lip.  He did body work with Brian Burzinski and now is pain free and standing straight.  Check out his "before" and "after" pictures.

     Scoliosis Before Tongue-Tie Surgery



After Tongue and Lip Tie Surgery


This 55 year old autistic man was diagnosed with severe scoliosis prior to his tongue-tie release surgery.  The before picture was taken prior to the surgery.  The  after picture was taken an hour later when he returned home.





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